Dirt Bike Coaching and Lessons in Southern California

Have you ever thought… “I’d love to learn how to ride a dirt bike” or “I’d like to improve the skills I have to be a safer, more confident rider/racer”? Offroad Moto Clinics can do just that! We teach beginners who have never even been on a motorcycle before to start, stop, shift and turn. Then take you on your first ride in the desert to practice the basic skills, all under the guidance of our patient trainers. Riding and learning throttle control and body positioning in a real world setting. Tackling various terrain challenges as we go. For those riders that may have been riding before or even have good skills and want to improve, Offroad Moto Clinics will work on techniques to safely and confidently ride over rocks, uphills, downhills, sand and bumps, working on specific challenges that you feel you need help with. For the more advanced rider/racer, we coach you into being faster, smoother and a smarter rider to save energy for longer rides and races.

11138541_1568974410052081_3517715766318726614_nWe even have the possibility of “chasing” you in an actual desert race, if racing is your goal. No matter how young or young at heart you are, if you have the desire to learn and do it in a safe and controlled manner, Offroad Moto Clinics can help make it a reality! We offer personal, one on one clinics or group clinics for you family, friends, club or group. Rental bikes are available in various sizes for almost all ages and skill levels. Go to our FAQ’s page and Testimonials page to learn what to expect for you next great adventure! Contact us today to get things started.

Offroad Moto Clinics was founded by the father and son team of Gene and Daniel Hust. We started with the idea that there should be a way for people to experience the fun and freedom of riding as fast and as far as you want in the open desert. We are a second and third generation of off road riders and racers.10489790_1425915434357980_8730114093475534705_n

Gene and Daniel have almost a combined 80 years of riding and racing experience throughout the deserts and mountains of the Southwest and Baja. We have a passion for sharing this great sport with anybody that has a desire for the freedom and adventure of dirt bike riding. We have the knowledge and experience to show you how to ride safely and confidently, as well as, bike setup, mechanical knowledge and trail ready preparedness that only comes from years of trial and error.

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