IMG_0010Q.Where do we ride?
A. This is not a classroom setting! Clinics take place in the High Desert outside of Victorville, Ca

Q.What do I need to bring so I can ride?
A. Long pants, Long sleeve shirt or jersey, Full face helmet, gloves and over the ankles boots.

Q.Do you rent gear like helmets and boots?
A. We don’t charge for any gear that we may have that will fit you. We will size you with anything that we have to make this a safe and comfortable adventure.

Q.How long are the clinics?
A. We always say, “we will ride for as long as you can safely still ride”! In other words, there’s no set time limit. We will watch your riding posture and determine if you can safely ride longer.

Q.What if I have my own bike?
A. Great! you won’t need to rent one.

Q.What happens if I fall off the bike?
A. We will be with you to help you up, dust you off and get you going again, we all fall sometime.

Q.What if I’m a minor and my parent or guardian isn’t able to come with us?
A. We would require a note and medical release and your parent or guardian will have our exact location and contact info in the case of any emergency.

Q.How much does it cost?
A. The personal training clinics are $225 per day and the group clinics are $185 per rider, per day. Rentals are $175 per bike per day. In the event of damage (bent stuff like handlebars, levers, pipes,etc), we will assess at the end of each clinic and accept payment by check, credit card or cash. We don’t charge for scratches on stuff, it happens!