“I’ve always wanted to try riding dirt bikes, but wanted to do it in a manner where I mitigated risk and felt comfortable. I ride downhill  bikes and wanted to make the transition over to moto. I found Gene and his son Daniel on Craig’s List, and I can’t say enough positive things about them or Offroad Moto Clinics.

I felt safe, and in control the entire time, plus we went at the pace in which I felt comfortable the entire day. There was no stress,  just positive reinforcement.

I went from (in 1 day) to not even understanding how to turn on a dirt bike, to riding technical trails, doing climbs, and even doing small jumps. A week later I bought a dirt bike. If you have wanted to try riding a dirt bike, but didn’t know where to start – start with these  guys!”

-Matt in San Diego



“Thanks for the Offroadmoto clinic it has helped me out a lot and made me see what skills that I need to work on more that you have pointed out to me.

The single track trails were great, lots of fun. Over all a really good weekend.”

-Lewis S
Lake Havasu City, Az




I have know Daniel and Gene for many, many years. I grew up racing Bmx bicycles with Daniel when we were kids. Recently about a little over a year ago I had bought Gene”s old CRF 450 and started riding with the family again. Their guidance is bar-non. I’ve never rode a 450 before in my life. Each and every time I ride with them and apply their teaching and techniques from the fast wide open whoop sections to the tight technical single track trails we ride. I get faster, more confident and technically proficient on my motorcycle.

-Steven W.
Orange County Ca